Bruce McCarthy

Bruce McCarthy

Bruce founded Product Culture to help communicate the key principles underlying consistently successful product-focused organizations.

He helps companies like Vistaprint, Localytics, Huawei, Nuance, and Zipcar achieve their product visions through workshops, mentoring, and team coaching. Bruce is a serial entrepreneur, prolific writer, organizer, and participant in product management, agile, UX, and innovation events around the world. He literally wrote the book on roadmapping: Product Roadmapping Relaunched: How to Set Direction While Embracing Uncertainty.

Talks by Bruce McCarthy

Managing StakeholdersSeptember 2022
Is my Product Team any good?April 2022
Impossible Outcomes (and how to achieve them)April 2020
Say No With Confidence: How To Tell The Great Ideas From The Merely GoodSeptember 2018
Product Culture Eats Execution CultureApril 2018

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