Return of the Speakers // #BoS2018

Business of Software Conference USA 2018 is under 2 weeks away.

As always, the #BoS2018 schedule is designed to help Software Founders, CEOs, and Product Managers lead with confidence and grow a better business. Over 12 years of Conferences we’ve seen over 200 talks given by some brilliant speakers. This year at BoS USA there are 8 returning speakers.

Read on to find out who is returning and to watch their previous knockout talks.

1 // Mikey Trafton

Mikey Trafton
Mikey is an expert in building high-performance teams with amazing cultures. Having worked across the IT, Real Estate, and Healthcare industries, Mikey is now the CTO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas. Mikey has spoken twice previously at Business of Software Conference about ‘How To Build A World-Class Culture In 3 Easy Steps’, and ‘Recruiting A Badass Team’ – both among our most recommended talks. He returns this year to speak about ‘Managing Your Badass Team’

Watch ‘Recruiting A Badass Team’ here


2 // Peldi Guilizzoni

Peldi Guilizzoni

If you’ve been to BoS before, you’ll know Peldi – he’s the friendly guy handing out stickers! Peldi is the Founder and CEO of Balsamiq, makers of rapid, effective, and fun wireframing software. Peldi’s a regular attendee and has spoken 4 times before, each time updating the community on the story of Balsamiq – his most recent talk, ‘Everything Changes With Employee 25’, was given at BoS Europe 2017. He returns this year to talk about some of the best advice he’s been given by other founders of software companies

Watch ‘Everything Changes With Employee 25’ here


3 // Bob Moesta

Bob Moesta

Bob Moesta is an Entrepreneur, Innovator, and one of the principal architects of the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory in the mid-1990s. Bob founded The Re-Wired Group, which helps clients learn how to innovate and improve product development practices. He gave a talk with Chris Spiek at BoS USA 2013 called ‘Uncovering The Jobs-To-Be-Done’, which remains one of our most watched talks of all time. This year at BoS USA, Bob will be speaking about ‘The 5 Skills Of An Innovator’.

Watch ‘Uncovering The Jobs-To-Be-Done’ here


4 // David Cancel

David Cancel

5x Founder, 2x CEO, and former CPO at Hubspot, David Cancel is now the Founder and CEO of Drift, the world’s leading Conversational Marketing Platform. This will be David’s third time at Business of Software Conference, having spoken previously about ‘Creating A Data-Driven Business’ and ‘Building A Customer-Driven Product Team’. We’re looking forward to hearing what the past few years of running Drift has taught David, and learning some of the things he’s got to pass on to us!

Watch ‘Building A Customer-Driven Product Team’ here


5 // Rich Mironov

Rich Mironov

Rich Mironov is something of a Product Management mastermind – he, quite literally, has written the book on product management (‘The Art of Product Management’). Rich has been ‘the product guy’ at 6 startups, and now runs his own consulting business. He spoke previously at BoS about ‘The Four Laws Of Software Economics’, and is returning this year to help you figure out ‘What To Do About Your Audience’s Real Roadmap Questions’.

Watch ‘The Four Laws Of Software Economics’ here


6 // Tania Katan

Tania Katan

Tania Katan is returning for her debut full-length BoS Talk. Back in 2015 she gave one of the most memorable Lightning Talks in BoS’s history, ‘It Was Never A Dress’. Packed with humour, thought-provoking ideas and with a powerful message, Tanis inspired us to look at something very familiar from a different angle. This year she’s back, and ready to help us sneak more imagination into our work and get more done – ‘Creative Trespassing’ sure sounds like fun to us!

Watch ‘It Was Never A Dress’ here


7 // Greg Baugues

Greg Baugues

Greg Baugues remains the only speaker to ever receive a standing ovation at Business of Software Conference. His 2015 talk, ‘Developers, Entrepreneurs, & Depression’ was a brave, honest, and important talk. Greg opened up about his own struggles with depression, and encouraged the delegates to talk openly about mental health at work. This year, he returns to help us with the next step – what can you do to help your employees and colleagues who are battling with Mental Health?

Watch ‘Developers, Entrepreneurs, & Depression’ here


8 // Bruce McCarthy

Bruce McCarthy

A local Boston entrepreneur, it’s a pleasure to welcome Bruce McCarthy back to Business of Software. Hot off the tails of his BoS Europe 2018 talk ‘Product Culture Eats Execution Culture’, Bruce will be helping us with an age old problem that we get asked about all the time at BoS – Prioritization. His talk ‘Say No With Confidence: How To Tell The Great Ideas From The Merely Good’ will help you increase your organization’s focus and your own confidence in your decisions.

Watch ‘Product Culture Eats Execution Culture’ here


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