Slides, Notes, & Pictures from Business of Software Conference Europe 2018

Last week some of the smartest minds in the software game gathered in London for Business of Software Conference Europe.

For those not able to make it this year, here’s a recap through the eyes of the organisers, speakers, and attendees. Below you’ll find the Slide Decks from the talks, book and podcast recommendations from speakers, key takeaways from attendees, Collaborative Notes, and pictures from the 5th Business of Software Europe Conference.

Read on for all the #BoS2018 goodness.

Slide Decks


  1. Tom Adeyoola – Why Your ‘Brilliant’ Technology Fails To Have Impact
  2. Nilan Peiris – Building A High-Growth Startup Sustainably
  3. Alison Coward – Designing High-Performing Teams
  4. Tendayi Viki – Clever Ideas Are Not Enough For Innovation
  5. Carl Ryden – Build Iron Man Suits, Not Terminators
  6. Tim Barker – “It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times”: Every CEO Ever


  1. Wade Foster – Building Operating Cadence With Remote Teams
  2. Bruce McCarthy – Product Culture Eats Execution Culture
  3. Bill Janeway – The Rise & Fall Of Enterprise Software
  4. Jane Austin – 10 Easy Ways To Irritate Your Design Team
  5. Stephen Allott – Scaling Software Sales: Rules & Tools

*Laura Roeder did not use slides for her talk on ‘Building A Business In The Face Of Well-Funded Competition’.

Lightning Talks

  1. Tom Britton – 5 Things Playing Football In The Scottish Third Division Taught Me About Running A Company
  2. Rioch Edwards-Brown – Disrupting Industry: Delivering Social Mobility
  3. Mark Smith – A Dummies Guide To Automated Conversation


Blog Posts and Notes from Attendees


Collaborative Notes

Once again, the BoS Conference attendees have put together a fantastic set of collaborative notes. You can see detailed notes of all the talks here

Collaborative Notes


Business of Software Conference Europe 2018


Business of Software Conference Europe will return in 2019. If you can’t wait until then, you should check out Business of Software Conference USA: 1-3 October 2018, Boston MA.

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