BoS Confs 2022

How you have helped us to build welcoming conferences for 2022

We asked you how you felt about conferencing in 2022 after two years of uncertainty. Your responses came flooding in and have given us so much insight into what you value and what you enjoy. Take a look at what we’ve come up with.

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  • “I think I might prefer online networking… The conversations get straight to the point.” Tim Burgess, Founder, SheildGEO This year, a series of one day online BoS Conferences will run in addition to […]
  • Cambridge, UK 4-5 April It’s been a while since we have run in person conferences. Did you miss them? We think we can run them safely again, albeit with some differences. We may […]
  • Our big news in 2022 – online grows and in-person conferences coming back. Online conferences are here to stay. In 2022 at Business of Software, we’re building on the success of our online […]