New Online Masterclasses

with Bob Moesta

Use Jobs-To-Be-Done for sales and customer interviews.

Bob Moesta leads two Online JTBD masterclasses: Customer Interviews Using JTBD (16 & 23 June) and Demand-Side Sales Using JTBD (21 & 28 July).

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Get Ready for BoS Fall 2021

27-29 September 2021

BoS Conf Fall will run over three days from the 27th to the 29th of September.

While it is too early to share who’ll be speaking, it’s not too early to register and save your spot. Our events always have limited attendance, designed to maximise networking, interaction, and learning opportunities.

We can guarantee that there will once again be an impressive line up. Browse through last year’s Fall talks to see for yourself.

Upcoming Online Events

Customer Interviews using JTBD (16 & 23 June)

In this masterclass you will learn how to use customer behaviour to inform product development with Jobs-To-Be-Done expert Bob Moesta.

Creating Software Ecosystems (30th June)

Peter Marquez and Bill Cushard from Service Rocket will be working through a case study with a BoS attendee looking at how to implement a software ecosystem in a real life scenario.

Demand-Side Sales with JTBD (21 & 28 July)

Learn what your customers see and hear when they try to hire your product, and how you can help them make progress through to purchase with Bob Moesta.

BoS Conference: Fall 2021 (27 – 29 September)

Over a 3-day online conference take part in interactive discussions with world leaders in growth strategy, product management, company culture, leadership. Spend quality time with fellow software people working through some of the same challenges we all face right now.

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