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Business of Software Conferences 2022

This year you can expect eight great conferences full of insight, intrigue, and intelligent individuals – just like you!

We have launched this years program of events including TWO in-person conferences and SIX online conferences. Full details can be found over on our events page or click here to


  • At Business of Software we want to make a positive impact to you and your business and not a negative impact on the world, as we deliver the great, inspiring, conferences you have […]
  • Firstly, strategy and positioning are DIFFERENT things. Mixing them up can be a major stumbling block for you and your team. Secondly, you have to know what your customer is trying to achieve; […]
  • For every great example of allyship, it’s safe to say there are 10 examples of performative allyship – being an ally for show. In this talk, B. talks about why diversity and allyship […]

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