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BoS USA 2023
2-4 October | Raleigh, NC

“Hands-down the best conference for Software CEOsGail Goodman, Former CEO , Constant Contact

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Claire Suellentrop |
JTBD : SparkToro case study
Stephanie Hare |
Technology is Not Neutral

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  • GrepBeat covers tech news and views for Raleigh-Durham and the surrounding area. Think of it as TechCrunch for the Triangle, with a splash of BuzzFeed for seasoning. Renowned Software Conference BoS Officially Relocates […]
  • The wonderful people over at WRAL TechWire recently ran this piece about BoS coming to Raleigh: Business of Software Conference is in the Triangle by Jen McFarland — September 21, 2023 RALEIGH — The Triangle is […]
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