Slides, Highlights, and Notes from Business of Software USA Conference 2018

Business of Software Conference USA 2018 –¬†Some Highlights

The 12th Annual Business of Software Conference USA took place in Boston, MA, last month РOctober 1-3. What an incredible few days. A huge thank you to all the speakers and attendees who made it one of the most memorable ever, for all the right reasons. The talks will be edited, published and transcribed in the next month or so but until then, here are some of the notes, blog posts and other highlights from some of the attendees.

Read on to see Slide Decks, Highlights, and Notes from BoS USA

Slide Decks

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


  • Bob Moesta – Switch: A JTBD Walkthrough (Coming Soon)
  • Bruce McCarthy – Roadmaps Relaunched


Highlights & Notes


Some personal highlights, set to the music of Lemmy Kilmister РMark Littlewood, BoS Boss

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Live Switch Interview

In Bob Moesta’s Workshop, he did a live interview to show how you can¬†interview customers to get to the root of what drove them to buy your product. Here, Bob interviews BoS Attendee Doug Rawson to figure out why he recently bought a FitBit, having¬†not worn a watch in years.

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