“A community of passionate people learning how to be successful together”

– Bruce McCarthy


A smorgasbord of BoS goodness to whet your appetite

What makes a BoS Event?

The answer is simple:

  • Inspiring expert-led sessions – no sales pitches or ‘professional speakers’.
  • Thoughtful networking where people help each other – more than a business card trading zone.
  • A kind, engaged community of smart software people – like you.

Whether a physical or online event, it’s the wonderful BoS community that make it a special place to be. Indeed, attendees remarked that BoS Europe 2020 Online was remarkably close to the in-person experience:

“A feat of brilliance that only makes me more excited to attend next year’s in person! Amazing content and thought provoking ideas.” Brooke H, First Time Attendee

While physical events are unlikely to be possible for the remainder of 2020 at least, there’s still a need to learn new skills, hear new ideas and make and build new connections with other smart people.

We’ve always focused on serving our core market, people that are prepared to invest in quality content and connections, not something that is free for all. Our events deliver high value to a group of people who are interested enough to care and value the difference between our events and many others that treat attendees as the product. We want to maintain and build the value of conversations that count. We hope you’ll join us on the journey.

Events at Business of SoftwareUpcoming events

Masterclass User Research Steve Portigal

User Research Masterclass: Uncovering compelling insights through interviews // 16 & 18 June 2020

Steve Portigal helps you develop empathy and deliver effective customer interviews.

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Radhika Dutt Masterclass Radical Product Thinking (2)

Radical Product Thinking Masterclass: How to iterate less and achieve more // 16 & 18 June 2020

Radhika Dutt helps you to think about building products more efficiently.

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Masterclass User Research Steve Portigal

User Research Masterclass: We’ve done all this user research, now what? // 23 & 25 June 2020

Steve Portigal gives you a clear understanding how to move from data to insights to opportunities.

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Web Gareth Marlow Masterclass Making decisions

Gareth Marlow will help you to take stock and understand how to work through some of the challenges you face in your business now

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WEB Rev up your dev teams clarke ching Europe

Clarke Ching will teach you how to speed up your dev teams without hiring more devs.

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product management teams masterclass rich mironov

Leading your product management team Masterclass // 14 & 16 July 2020

Rich Mironov looks at what product leaders do differently from individual product managers.

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WEB Rev up your dev teams clarke ching US

Clarke Ching will teach you how to speed up your dev teams without hiring more devs.

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BoS USA Online 21-23 September

BoS USA Online // 21-23 September 2020

The 14th Business of Software Conference USA, a single-track conference for Founders, CXOs, and Emerging Leaders in Software and SaaS companies, will be coming direct to you, wherever you are…

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BoS Europe 2021 Cambridge UK

BoS Europe 2021 // March 2021

The 8th Business of Software Conference Europe will be back at Churchill College, Cambridge UK.

More details coming soon. Click here to be kept up to date when more information is announced.

Upcoming Events

BoS USA Online 2020

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