Bruce McCarthy: Is My Product Team Any Better?

Bruce discussed how you can tell if your product team is any good and how to make them excel at BoS Europe in 2022. You can catch the session here.

Could you be going faster? Could you be winning more? Making customers happier? How do you know if you have the right team to make these things happen? How do you set them up for success?

Not surprisingly, it was a talk that sparked a very lively Q&A and ongoing discussions across the conference. 

In this online session Bruce will recap some of the key points of this talk and in an interactive Q&A, help you address some of the practical steps you can take in your own org to improve product outcomes and the health of your product team.

Bruce McCarthy

Founder, Product Culture

Bruce founded Product Culture to help communicate the key principles underlying consistently successful product-focused organizations. He helps companies like Vistaprint, Localytics, Huawei, Nuance, and Zipcar achieve their product visions through workshops, mentoring, and team coaching.

Bruce is a serial entrepreneur, prolific writer, organizer, and participant in product management, agile, UX, and innovation events around the world. He literally wrote the book on roadmapping – Product Roadmapping Relaunched: How to Set Direction While Embracing Uncertainty.

He’s spoken at BoS many times, always bringing new perspectives and fresh, practical insights into the art of product management. You can find his previous talks here.

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