Revealing the Success: BoS Europe 2024

On the grounds of Churchill College, the Business of Software Conference Europe once again unfolded last 25-26 March 2024.

BoSEU24 Class Photo

Sunday – Pre-conference activities

Prior to the official start of the BoS Conference Europe 2024, a group of attendees and speakers gathered to embark on an open-bus tour, led and supported by Christopher Moore of Quiet Light.

After the tour, everyone got together for drinks, where everyone met new folks and caught up with old friends from previous BoS conferences. It was a fun way to kick off the conference, setting a friendly and welcoming vibe for the days ahead.

Monday – Conference Day 1

Day 1 of BoS Europe kicked off in full swing, setting the tone for an enlightening and engaging event filled with valuable insights and meaningful connections. From thought-provoking keynote speeches to interactive discussions over lunch, the day was brimming with opportunities for learning and networking.

Morning Sessions

The day commenced with an insightful session by Joe Leech, who delved into the seven essential traits of a modern CEO. Following Joe’s insightful talk, attendees were treated to a 2-hour session by the renowned Bob Moesta, who did an improv centered around Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) theory. Bob’s engaging improv showcased real-world problems and solutions, and how understanding customer needs and motivations can drive innovation and success in software businesses.

Lunch and Birds of a Feather discussion tables

At BoS, lunch isn’t just about refueling – it’s an opportunity to connect with fellow attendees on a deeper level. From discussing the intricacies of software development to sharing personal preferences like whether one prefers cats or dogs, lunchtime conversations sparked new friendships and fostered a sense of community among attendees.

Afternoon Sessions

The afternoon sessions kicked off with Imogen Wethered sharing her expertise in starting and selling a business, offering valuable advice and practical tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. As the day drew to a close, Dr. Eleanor Gunn led an interactive session aimed at connecting attendees with their core values. Through thought-provoking exercises and discussions, Dr. Gunn encouraged participants to reflect on their personal and professional values, fostering a deeper sense of purpose and alignment.

Breakout Sessions

What makes BoS unique is the dedicated breakout sessions, where attendees engage directly with experts in smaller, interactive settings. These sessions foster deeper discussions, personalised advice, and valuable networking opportunities, ensuring attendees gain tailored insights and forge meaningful connections.

The day concluded with a lively dinner at the dining hall, where attendees had the opportunity to unwind and socialise in a relaxed setting. Amidst delicious food and lively conversation, attendees reflected on the day’s learnings and eagerly anticipated what lay ahead in the days to come.

Tuesday – Conference Day 2

Morning Sessions

Growth Levers and How to Find Them by Matt Lerner

The morning began with an announcement that Matt Lerner was unable to attend due to personal reasons. However, attendees were pleasantly surprised when they received copies of his new book, “Growth Levers and How to Find Them”, as a token of his presence in spirit.

In his place, Bill Thompson stepped in and read a captivating letter from 2107, offering a glimpse into the future of software and technology.

Following this unexpected start, Oyinda Bagbose took the stage to discuss how technology can still save the world and support the work of NGOs. Then, Ninnu Campbell, self-proclaimed Chief Failure Officer, took attendees on a journey of embracing failure as a pathway to becoming a more effective leader.

Afternoon Inspiration

The afternoon sessions kicked off with Duane Jackson, who shared his inspirational story of going from behind bars to successfully starting and selling a business. His resilience and determination served as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of entrepreneurship.

Next up, Claire Suellentrop offered insights into operationalising Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) theory, providing attendees with practical strategies for implementing this framework within their organisations. The day concluded with a session led by Bruce McCarthy on how to align executive teams for success.

As we bid farewell to the Business of Software Conference Europe 2024, we do so with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the future. The knowledge gained, connections forged, and inspiration gleaned from this conference will serve as fuel for the journey ahead. Armed with new insights and a renewed sense of purpose, attendees are poised to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead in the ever-evolving world of software business.

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