BoS Conf Online.Spring 21 Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions are your chance to share ideas and challenges about things that matter to you in a smaller group – with experts in their field and, of course, speakers.

They’re often described as the most valuable part of the event. Not only do you get to dig into something important, you spend time with a group of smart people with the same interests as you.

While some breakout sessions are set up, you can also suggest a topic for discussion.

You’ll be able to move from the main sessions into the room you choose on the day though if you have a question, we strongly encourage to submit in advance.

Breakout Session 26th April – 14:30 BST/09:30 ET

Breakout Session 26th April – 17:00 BST/12:00 noon ET

Breakout Session 27th April – 14:30 BST/09:30 ET

Breakout Session 27th April – 17:00 BST/12:00 noon ET

You’ll be able to suggest other topics for discussion in the Slack channel and it’s easy to join the room you want, even if it will be hard to pick between them.

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