BoS Conference: Fall 2021

300 attendees max.

Learn how great software companies are run. 

A three-day online conference that puts you in touch with world leaders in growth strategy, product management, company culture, and leadership.

Spend quality time with fellow software entrepreneurs working through some of the same challenges we all face right now.

Speakers to Meet & Learn From

BoS Conferences not only feature great speakers with unique stories — they're also speakers who'll participate in the breakout and networking sessions.

To get a taste of what you'll experience check out the following top talks from last year's Fall Conference.

Past Speaker: April Dunford on Selling Your Point of View

In this talk, delivered live in September 202, April teaches us the difference between selling and helping customers buy. She explains the different types of pitches available and why "Point of View" pitches work so well.

The slides, audio version, and full transcript are also available here.

Past Speaker: Tiffany da Silva on Imposter Syndrome

You're not alone; an estimated 70% of people from all walks of life, both men and women experience imposter syndrome at some point in their careers. In this talk from BoS Conf Fall 2020, Tiffany Da Silva shares her own experiences along with the framework and tools she uses every day to eliminate it.

The slides, audio version, and full transcript are also available here.

Past Speaker: Jason Fried on Creating New Breakout Products

In this talk, recorded online at BoS Conf Fall 2020, Jason talks about the conception, design and launch of Hey email. This session includes many questions from the audience as Jason discusses some of the learning from Basecamp’s first product launch in a decade.

The slides, audio version, and full transcript are also available here.

Networking and Breakouts

10 Interactive Sessions

Our absolute priority is you have the opportunity to meet & talk to attendees & speakers.

The community is an integral part of the BoS Conference experience — it’s no different online. We encourage honest discussion & active listening; not a bravado-filled, empty business card exchange.

There are 4 ways to connect with other attendees:

  • Coffee Line Chats
    More than chance encounters with interesting people. Choose the conversations you join by topic or opt for some chance encounters.
  • Group Exercises
    Puzzle over difficult questions with other smart entrepreneurs (and get to know them in the process).
  • Topic-Focused Breakouts
    Interactive sessions led by experts covering growth strategy, product management, company culture, leadership, & more.
  • Slack
    Organise your own breakout discussions, individually message other attendees, & share cat pictures.


It's early days for scheduling details; although we are - of course - already working on it. For the time being, save these dates:

DateEastern TimeUK Time
27th September 202107:30 - 15:0013:30 - 20:00
28th September 202107:30 - 15:0013:30 - 20:00
29th September 202107:30 - 15:0013:30 - 20:00

Our schedule is organised in a way that helps you make the most of the talks with plenty of rest and networking breaks built in. Take a look at the Spring schedule to get an idea of what it typically looks like.