JTBD and the value proposition canvas for ideal software ecosystems – Fall 2021 Breakout session

Bill Cushard, ServiceRocket

Peter Marquez, ServiceRocket

Anne Bosman, ServiceRocket

An interactive session to help you use JTBD and the value proposition canvas to identify the opportunities in your software ecosystem

We’ll start with a very high level view of a product ecosystem and why you need to have one now. Using an interactive canvas, you will start to identify and understand gaps and opportunities you have within your own ecosystem. We will use a JTBD perspective – mapping the pains, gains, and roadblocks that you, your customers or your partners currently have. There’ll be some pre-prepared ideas to save time but you can add your own as we go along. 

Everyone in the group will serve as live ‘case studies’ in this engaging session.

While you’re welcome to ask questions, be prepared to answer the ones we have for you. You’ll leave with a powerful tool to help you fully understand and fortify your ecosystem, as well as advice about what to do next.

You’ll learn:

  • What a product ecosystem is and why it might be valuable to you
  • How to use JTBD and the value proposition canvas to identify and map your specific challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead of you

Peter Marquez

As Chief Customer Officer at ServiceRocket, a leading tech-enabled service company, Peter is responsible for every business function that creates customer value. He believes that great businesses supersize customer value and earn trust every day.

He and his ServiceRocket colleagues have contributed to the record growth of the Atlassian and Salesforce ecosystems and are currently enabling new ecosystems for Venafi, Digital.ai and Workplace from Facebook.

Anne Bosman

Anne Bosman has nearly 20 years of experience managing high-growth startups and new ventures – from nascent ideas to fully operational multi-million dollar organizations. She began her career in operations and general management of social ventures, focusing her efforts on growing entrepreneurial business ideas that had a positive impact on relevant environmental and/or social justice issues. 

Most recently she served as the GM of the US Consumer Business for General Assembly, a tech education company closing the global skills gap by training adults in the most in-demand high tech skills.  She now works with ServiceRocket as a product development consultant.    

Bill Cushard

Bill Cushard is the general manager at ServiceRocket, a tech-enabled professional services company that helps software companies deliver whole product solutions. Bill has helped numerous software companies set up customer education programs that contribute to company growth. Bill’s background in learning & development and marketing collide with customer education to offer a fresh look at how software companies can create markets and win customers with customer education.

Bill is the host of Helping Sells Radio, the  longest running customer success podcast, and author of The Art of Agile Marketing: A Practical Roadmap for Implementing Kanban and Scrum in Jira and Confluence.