Work From Anywhere a Short Trip Down the Rabbit Hole with Tim Burgess – Fall 2021 Breakout Session

Tim Burgess Shield Geo
Tim Burgess

Work From Anywhere – a Short Trip Down the Rabbit Hole

2020 saw remote work go mainstream. And once we de-couple work from location, it leads to more questions.

“If Sam can work from home, why can’t Sam work from Cancun? Or Bali?”

“If you can hire folks who can’t commute to the office, can you also hire folks from the other side of the world?”

We’ll be talking about what this means in practice for recruitment, compensation, logistics, communication and culture.

Tim’s seen in his own business, and the hundreds he has worked with, what works and what doesn’t. He will lead a conversation and answer questions you have about how you can make remote and multi-country hiring work in practice.

You can submit a question in advance or just turn up, listen and join the conversation.

Tim Burgess, Founder, Shield GEO, (acquired by Velocity Global)

Tim has been a BoS regular for ten years travelling from his home in Sydney to both the European and US events. He founded Shield GEO to help companies take the legal, tax, benefits, compliance pains out of hiring people, wherever they are in the world. He sold the company in 2021. He’s learned from the entrepreneurs he’s met at BoS over the years and is an expert on the process of hiring remote teams having worked with over 400 companies. His passion is for understanding what makes remote cultures work effectively.

If Tim is wearing his Superman pyjamas, do not be alarmed. He lives in Sydney Australia and time is different down under. He’s attended every BoS Online Conference by staying up all night.