How to Manage Your Mind with Elizabeth O’Neill — Fall 2021 Breakout Session

Elizabeth O’Neill

Share some of the stress and frustration of being an entrepreneur, normalise your individual ‘roller coaster experiences’, and increase connection and community.

You will learn about a simple tool to help you manage the unproductive thoughts that are common to all entrepreneurs so that they don’t drag you down.

Elizabeth will explain two concepts that will help you manage your mind as a founder.

  • The Mental Trap – how unproductive thoughts cause the ‘bottom out’ effect. Becoming aware of these mental traps is the first step in levelling out the roller coaster.
  • Rewriting the Thought => Feeling => Action – people subconsciously process situations by generating a thought, which leads to a feeling, which leads us to act in various ways. 

In a group discussion, you will start to ‘rewrite’ your unproductive thoughts and understand how to manage them more effectively when they appear. Participants should come with a specific instance of a situation in mind that they feel has caused, or is causing, them to think less clearly than they think they should.

About Elizabeth O’Neill

Elizabeth is an expert in helping founders and their teams get aligned and positioned for growth. As a People & Culture consultant and Executive Coach for early stage startups, she’s on a mission to make the startup experience feel more human.

With twenty years of experience working with leaders and teams, she’s found that the secret to creating a sustainable culture is having just the right amount of process, being unapologetic about your values, and knowing yourself and your people. She holds her BA in Psychology from the University of Chicago, a MSW from Columbia University, and is an iPEC-certified coach. You can follow her on her Medium at Founder Connect.