Getting Stakeholder Buy-in With Bruce McCarthy – Fall 2021 Breakout Session

Stakeholder Negotiation

Bruce literally wrote the book on roadmapping: Product Roadmapping Relaunched. He’s also led great talks, masterclasses, workshops, and Q&A sessions with BoS over the years.

One consistent theme – there are clear processes to develop product roadmaps or any other strategic plans, but people get in the way.

In this breakout at BoS Conf Online Fall, Bruce will lead an open conversation to help you develop, negotiate, and communicate about any strategic initiative or plan so that you can manage your various stakeholders more effectively.

Bruce has plenty of stories to share, but we want you to come with some of the challenges you’re facing in your org now. They will not be unique! He will help you unblock and leave with some clear next steps to make progress.

You will learn:

  • How to understand your audience and anticipate their most important questions
  • How to gather input without giving away decision rights
  • How to tell the difference between consensus and alignment (hint: one of these is impossible)
  • How to conduct stakeholder interviews
  • and so much more!

Who is Bruce McCarthy?

Bruce founded Product Culture to help communicate the key principles underlying consistently successful product-focused organizations. He helps companies like Vistaprint, Localytics, Huawei, Nuance, and Zipcar achieve their product visions through workshops, mentoring, and team coaching.

Stakeholder Management. This is not a democracy!