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26-27 April 2021

Spring Conf

BoS Conf Online.Fall 21

27-29 September 2021

BoS Conf Online.Fall 27-29 September 2021

Join a community of entrepreneurs and experts building great software companies.

Over a 3 day online conference, take part in interactive discussions with world leaders in growth strategy, product management, company culture, leadership, and more in our energizing new format, and spend quality time with fellow software people working through some of the same challenges we all face right now.

BoS Conf Online.Fall is an event you partake in, not a stream you watch. Come prepared to discuss, learn, and connect with your people. The past year has stolen a lot from us – but here you’ll have space to step back, reflect, learn, and connect with your peers.

Monday 27th September – 7:30am-3pm ET / 1:30-8pm GMT
Tuesday 28th September – 7:30am-3pm ET / 1:30-8pm GMT
Wednesday 29th September – 7:30am-12pm ET / 1:30-5pm GMT


Speakers & Session to be announced soon


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BoS Conf Online is designed to put the community at the heart of the event. Energising community is an integral part of the BoS Conference experience, and it’s no different online. We encourage honest discussions and listening – not a bravado-filled, empty business card exchange. Our absolute priority is that you have the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow attendees.

Having thought very carefully about how to make BoS-style networking happen at a virtual event, there will be 4 different ways of connecting with other attendees:

  • “Coffee Queue” Chats – chance encounters with interesting people.
  • Group Exercises – puzzle over difficult questions with other smart entrepreneurs.
  • Topic-Focused Breakout Discussions – meet other attendees interested in the same topics as you.
  • Slack – organise your own breakout discussions, individually message other attendees, and share cat pictures.


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BoS Conf Online.Spring: 26-27 April, 7:30am-3pm ET / 1:30-8pm GMT

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