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1st-3rd October 2018 // World Trade Center, Boston MA

Business of Software Conference is a 3-day single-track conference for Founders, CXOs, and Emerging Leaders in Software and SaaS companies. Over 3 days there are:

  • 15 1-hour sessions – 45-minute talks with time for Q&A. Each talk is given by an expert in their field with something valuable to say. Sponsors can never, ever pay their way onto the stage – BoS talks are renowned for their quality (judge for yourself – our vast library of talks is available here), and that’s the way it’s going to stay.
  • The legendary BoS Hallway Track. You’re in a room with 300 other Software leaders – people who do what you do, all of whom are looking to learn and pass on things that they’ve learned. The quality of the people you’ll meet is unrivalled, and the things you’ll learn from them will be as important as the things you learn in the sessions.
  • Opportunities to chat with Speakers. Not only is there ample time for Q&A after each session, Speakers stay for the whole conference – meaning you can grab them for a chat afterwards. You are as likely to sit next to a speaker at lunch than anyone else.

The full schedule will be released once all the speakers are announced. Until then, you can see an example Schedule below:

Sunday 30th September

19.00 – Welcome Drinks and Registration

Monday 1st October

08.00 – Breakfast and Registration
09.00 – Talk 1
10.00 – Coffee Break
10.30 – Talks 2 & 3
12.30 – Lunch with Birds of a Feather tables
14.00 – Talks 4 & 5
16.00 – Mystery Breakout Session
17.30 – Talk 6
18.30 – Networking Dinner

Tuesday 2nd October

08.00 – Breakfast
09.00 – Talk 7
10.00 – Coffee Break
10.30 – Talks 8 & 9
12.30 – Lunch with Birds of a Feather tables
14.00 – Talks 10 & 11
16.00 – Coffee Break
17.00 – Lightning Talks
17.30 – Talk 12
18.30 – Networking Drinks hosted by FE International

Wednesday 3rd October

08.00 – Breakfast
09.00 – Talk 13
10.00 – Coffee Break
10.30 – Talks 14 & 15
12.30 – Lunch & End of Conference for non-Workshop tickets
13.00 – Workshops
16.00 – End of Conference

Atmosphere & Approach


  • Exceptional people who want to be the best they can be in their chosen career. Entrepreneurs, established and emerging leaders, they come to learn from each other, not to party (though there will be plenty of social activity). So many events are about everyone being on ‘broadcast mode’, Business of Software is different, people come to listen and learn from each other, to share their problems and help each other be successful.

Code of Conduct        FAQ


  • Don’t hide away in a VIP Room. Everyone that attends is on this journey together and they want to learn from you as much as you want to learn from them. We help you understand all of the important elements that come together to make great software and great software companies.

See the Speakers

This is not a mass produced event.

  • We HATE going to events that promise much and deliver little. We HATE events where you have to bring a telescope to see the stage, where the speakers are whisked off into a secure room straight after their keynote where you were left feeling like you had just paid to listen to a sales pitch. It sucks if you pay good money to attend an event and a treated like one of a large flock of sheep. We will feed you well. You are as likely to sit next to the speaker at lunch than anyone else.

Join us and discover how a conference should be run – for the benefit of the attendees. You will probably not go to another conference again.

I want to book now!