Tendayi Viki

Partner, Strategyzer

Tendayi is an academic, author, storyteller and corporate troublemaker with a PhD in Psychology – and an MBA.

This year, Tendayi published his third book, Pirates in the Navy, about how successful innovation works in established companies. He helps organizations innovate for the future while managing their core business. He has worked with companies including Rabobank, American Express, Standard Bank, Unilever, Airbus, Pearson, General Electric, Whirlpool, The British Museum, Copenhagen Fintech and The Royal Academy of Engineers. He co-designed Pearson’s Product Lifecycle, an innovation framework that won Best Innovation Program 2015 at the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards. He’s been shortlisted for the Thinkers 50 Innovation Award. He is also the author of The Corporate Startup and The Lean Product Lifecycle.

Tendayi spoke at BoS Europe 2018 on why clever ideas are not enough for innovation.

Designing Breakthrough Business Models With A Real Business

In this interactive session, Alex and Tendayi will work with a real life BoS Conference attendee to show how to: evaluate your portfolio of existing innovations,  evaluate your existing business model; understand its strengths and weaknesses; then use the right questions to redesign a breakthrough business model. They’ll demonstrate how to use nine business model questions to reinvent your business as you consider the strategic shifts in your environment.
You will learn how to:

  • Distinguish between efficiency, sustaining and transformative innovations.
  • Review an existing business model using the right questions.
  • Redesign the business model with breakthrough ideas.