A Balanced Menu: The 3 Elements of the BoS Conference USA Online Schedule

We’ve thought long and hard about how to build a great schedule for an online conference.

After attending and running several online events and conferences, we’ve experienced the positives and negatives of the virtual event world. As we drew up the schedule for BoS Conference USA Online, we wanted to build an event that takes advantage of the benefits of running an event virtually, while still feeling like a Business of Software Conference and not a series of lectures.

A good online event has 3 key elements:

  1. Connecting with your fellow attendees in a meaningful and thoughtful way.
  2. Listening to experts sharing new ideas and thinking about what they mean to you.
  3. Engaging in stimulating conversations about topics you are passionate about.

There must be a good balance of all 3 to make an online event excellent. For BoS Conference Online this September, we’ve chosen to approach the schedule like a menu. There are 3 courses, each of which complements the others to create one excellent whole meal.

Just like a great meal, each day at BoS will have a starter, a main course, and a dessert.

BoS Informal Conversation

The Starter – Networking

BoS Conference is about the people you meet. A warm welcome, full of introductions to new people, new connections and catching up with old friends too. Time for some networking and sharing your home office interruptions (or children and pets as some call them).

At the beginning of each day, we’ve set aside time to meet in small Zoom breakout rooms. Just like at a conference when you meet people in the queue for coffee or bump into someone at breakfast, you’ll make chance connections. Break the ice and start sharing, helping and learning together! You’ll talk to other entrepreneurs and software folk, like you, who want to build great software and successful companies.

Learn More about Networking at BoS Conference USA Online

BoS Menu Lobster

The Main Course – Talks and Interactive Sessions

The hearty part of the conference: talks and interactive sessions led by experts that serve you new ideas and give you food for thought about what those ideas mean to you.

You’ll think about the challenges you face in your business – and the practical steps you can take to address them. You’ll want to take notes – lots of notes – on your own, or by contributing to the collaborative notes that will be available to all during and post-conference.

The talk sessions have been developed for maximum impact and interaction, and will be punctuated by breakout discussion, Q&As, group exercises and more. Oh, and they’ll be led exclusively by experts like April Dunford, Jason Fried, Bob Moesta, and Radhika Dutt – no dull sponsor talks here.

Meet the Speakers

BoS Conversation Vala Afshar Alex Osterwalder

Dessert – Breakout Discussions

Something to elevate the experience from great to excellent – discussions and conversations designed to help you think about, and tackle, specific topics and challenges. Talk and listen to others as you spend time in smaller breakout groups; ask questions of our experts; brainstorm ideas; and think about some of the things you can do to make positive changes to the way your business is run today.

The greatest meals are those with entertaining company. The highlights of any dinner party that you remember the most are the stimulating conversations about things you care about.

Discover the Breakout Discussions at BoS Conference USA Online

The Full Menu – The Schedule

BoS Conference USA Online Schedule

A huge amount of thought and consideration has gone into making the schedule for BoS Conference USA Online. Join the smartest people in software for 3 days of listening, learning, interacting, and discussion.

See The Full Schedule

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