Breakout with Gareth Marlow


Gareth has worked in Cambridge tech companies for 25 years. While COO of Red Gate, he launched and scaled new products, grew revenue and headcount, hired, developed and occasionally fired scores of people.

He has worked on acquiring, integrating and divesting companies. At one time or another he managed every part of the business – from HR to sales, product development to marketing, finance to IT. He was part of the team which was placed in the Sunday Times Best Companies lists for seven consecutive years. He’s now an executive coach and works with tech leaders to help them scale their businesses.

Breakout Discussion – Prioritising and Making More Informed Strategic Decisions

You’re running as fast as you can right now. The problem with running fast is that you can cover a lot of distance but it can take you further away from where you need to be. Your job was hard enough in the first place but the additional challenges that come from operating in a highly uncertain market, alongside the complications of work from home, put an additional burden on your responsibilities.

This breakout session will help you to take stock, work through the challenges in your business now and make decisions you don’t regret or take too long over. Gareth will help you prioritise your decision-making process and focus your mind on the things that matter most.