Nandini Jammi

Co-Founder, Sleeping Giants, CheckMyAds

Nandini believes all people have a right to a safe, secure and anti-racist society and focuses on making that possible.

She is co-founder of Sleeping Giants and CheckMyAds. At Sleeping Giants, Nandini successfully led the call for advertisers to drop Breitbart News. It has since become the leading voice for corporate accountability in the digital age. In June 2020, she launched Check My Ads, a brand safety firm that helps brands stamp out hate speech and fake news from their digital media buy. Nandini has a background in marketing and journalism and has been responsible for growth and community at companies including Kayako and ProdPad. She was named by Business Insider as one of 23 industry leaders “fixing” digital advertising and a Digiday Changemaker in 2017.

You can keep in touch by following her on Twitter or getting her newsletter which explores how marketers broke society (and how we can fix it).

Delete That Account! How to Stop Bad Actors Using Your Product

This month, Hotjar publicly dropped the Trump campaign and GOP’s account this month. It was not only an unprecedented move for a tech company, it’s an incredible case study in how to manage a social media crisis in this age of extremes. Nandini will discuss the background to the story and the actions the company’s leadership took to address a challenge that most software company CEOs have never seriously considered: booting users who violate their Acceptable Use Policies.
Can/should you, drop customers you consider to be bad actors? Nandini will explore the role of Acceptable Use Policies & ToS as a tool for choosing your course of action. In this discussion, we will consider the real-life challenges of designing, managing and consistently enforcing your platform’s Terms of Service and think about the steps you can take to ensure your company values stand the tests of time.