Jason Fried

Co-Founder, Basecamp and Hey

Jason Fried is co-founder of Basecamp, a private company based in Chicago that builds the best web tools possible with the least number of features necessary.

Jason does not have a bio but is an advocate for minimalism, good design, remote working and independent thinking. He also writes books with his co-founder David. He’s spoken at BoS twice before, twelve years ago on the Philosophy of 37Signals, and on Why Your Company should be Your Best Product in 2016 where he shared how Basecamp works. Signal vs. Noise, the Basecamp blog, is read by over 100,000 people every day.

Launching a New Breakout Product

The launch of Hey, Basecamp’s new email service, has become one of the most talked about product launches of the year, not least because of the very public fight with the Apple store. Jason will talk about the conception, design and launch of Hey, Basecamp’s newly launched paid email service. This session will encourage participation and questions from the audience and you’ll dig into some of learning from Basecamp’s first product launch in a decade. What made them decide to enter a highly competitive market, where most of the competition is ‘free’? How was the team behind Hey, a startup within an established company, managed and run? In a company that prides itself on work life balance and a 40 hour work week, how did he cope with the additional demands of a product launch that moved faster than anyone could have expected? What did he learn about launching a new product that he wished he knew before he started out?