Paul Kenny

Founder, Ocean Learning

Paul Kenny has been a regular attendee at Business of Software Conference since it started in 2007 and has spoken several times before. For good reason.

Over the last 25 years, he has helped to develop salespeople and sales managers working in media, technology and the professional services sectors. Since his first talk in Boston in 2008, Paul has explored the many different approaches that you may take to developing a robust and sustainable sales effort. More recently, Paul has been running online workshops, coaching and training events for companies across the world. He is a keen cyclist and owns more bikes than there are days in the week.

Breakout Discussion: Thinking Through Your Sales Challenges

Selling can be tough. The process of winning a new client or even just getting the client interested enough to attend a product demonstration or engage in a business case exercise can be an exhausting process beset with many frustrations and disappointments. As you scale, the challenges change and evolve. What got you here won’t get you there – you need to adapt as you grow.

Join Paul to share your challenges, whether moving from founder-led sales to building a sales team, through to building effective teams across the globe, Paul has seen most things and been able to offer help and support to some of the most successful BoS companies over the years.