BoS Conference: Spring 2021

300 attendees max.

Learn how great software companies are run. 

Our energising online format connects you with smart people & helps you build a better business.

Here you’ll find an intro video, speakers, & schedule. We’ve also put together some new registration options for 2021.

Don’t Watch a Stream, Bathe in It

Come prepared to discuss, learn, & connect with your people. Business of Software is interactive & engaging, “not a stream you watch”. It’s an event you make great.

See what people say about the value & the difference in this (short) video:

Speakers to Meet & Learn From

Networking & Breakout Sessions

10 Interactive Sessions

Our absolute priority is you have the opportunity to meet & talk to attendees & speakers.

The community is an integral part of the BoS Conference experience โ€” itโ€™s no different online. We encourage honest discussion & active listening; not a bravado-filled, empty business card exchange.

There are 4 ways to connect with other attendees:

  • Coffee Line Chats
    More than chance encounters with interesting people. Choose the conversations you join by topic or opt for some chance encounters.
  • Group Exercises
    Puzzle over difficult questions with other smart entrepreneurs (and get to know them in the process).
  • Topic-Focused Breakouts
    Interactive sessions led by experts covering growth strategy, product management, company culture, leadership, & more.
  • Slack
    Organise your own breakout discussions, individually message other attendees, & share cat pictures.


Day 1: 26th April 2021

12:00 BST/07:00 ET

12:30 BST/07:30 ET

Doors Open

Conference Opens. Intros, Getting the Most From Your Time, Speed Networking

13:00 BST/08:00 ET

Inflection Points on a Journey from Side Hustle to 1,000 People - Jason VandeBoom, ActiveCampaign

Leg Stretch, Comfort Break, Fuel Stop

15:30 BST/10:30 ET

Reflections on Growing a Remote Company in a Pandemic โ€” Wade Foster & Amir Salihefendic

Leg Stretch, Comfort Break, Fuel Stop

18:00 BST/13:00 ET

19:15 BST/14:15 ET

Conference Day 1 Close, Networking Remains Open

Day 2: 27th April 2021

12:30 BST/07:30 ET

Session Opens. Recap, Getting the Most From Your Day, Speed Networking

13:00 BST/08:00 ET

Mapping the Future of Your Business โ€” Simon Wardley, Wardley Mapping

Leg Stretch, Comfort Break, Fuel Stop

15:30 BST/10:30 ET

The Future of Work and the Workplace โ€” Yodit Stanton, Open Sensors

Leg Stretch, Comfort Break, Fuel Stop

17:00 BST/12:00 ET

Networking & Breakouts

18:00 BST/13:00 ET

Is Your Product as Easy to Use as You Think? โ€” Scott Berkun, Author

19:15 BST/14:15 ET

Conference Close, Networking Remains Open


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