Peter John (PJ) Marquez

GM, Apps, ServiceRocket

New Yorker by birth, Bostonian by choice, Peter loves to apply innovation to business, technology, and social challenges.

When he’s not working to develop products and services that drive software adoption at ServiceRocket, Peter is helping launch the ARTFarm for Social Innovation, a sustainable center for culture, urban-agriculture and small business incubation in Somerville, MA.

Breakout Discussion: Building a Successful Software Ecosystem

Software companies are often torn between meeting customer needs and product velocity. A well-designed ecosystem allows you to do both. Companies with flourishing ecosystems have several competitive advantages – moats, product development, customer advocates and more. Building and maintaining an ecosystem requires a clear plan and a systematic approach. Knowing where to begin, or where you’re going wrong, can be challenging.

PJ will answer your questions in a conversation about how to build a closer bond between you and your customers. He’ll share his experience building customer ecosystems, including Workplace by Facebook, Atlassian and, to help you understand where to start and how to build. You’ll learn about the role customer demand plays; the internal/external components of a thriving ecosystem; how platforms and ecosystems interact; how value exchange within an ecosystem works.

You’ll also work out, of all the things you should be doing, what you can do to make the biggest difference next.