Tim Burgess

Founder, Shield GEO

Tim has been a BoS regular for ten years attending both the European and US events. In 2020, he got to attend from the comfort of home in his pyjamas while his family slept.

Tim founded Shield GEO to help companies take the legal, tax, benefits, compliance pains out of hiring people, wherever they are in the world. He has learned a lot from people he has met at BoS over the years and is an expert on the process of hiring remote teams having worked with over 400 companies.

Hiring Challenges Across Territories 

Tim will lead a conversation and answer questions you have about how you can make multi-country hiring work in practice. From the legal and technical, to some of the important cultural challenges, Tim has seen what works and what doesn’t. You can submit a question in advance or just turn up, listen and join the conversation.


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