Yodit Stanton

Founder/CEO, OpenSensors

Yodit has been a Software and Data engineer for over two decades, working to help people understand their physical space.

She’s designed and built large scale data systems and led development teams running critical trading and machine learning infrastructure for FTSE500 companies such as, Deutsche Bank, Man Investments, Nomura and Lehman Brothers. Yodit specialises in predictive modeling for real time systems, social network analysis and middleware development. She is CEO and Founder of OpenSensors where her mission is to make sustainability (human, social, economic and environmental improvements) a reality for every workplace in the world.

The Future of Work and the Workplace

Yodit will consider what workplaces may look like post-Covid. With examples, she will show key trends and help you reassess your approach to the future workplace by addressing five key themes:

• Changing behaviour: from work patterns to rethinking what is meant by ‘control’.
• Adaptability: the ability of an organisation to react.
• Self-direction: choices around enabling performance; workplaces need to cater to the needs of all, not just the majority.
• Security: how to support the physical and mental health of employees.
• Technology: does everyone have the necessary tools and skills to enable productivity and collaboration in any setting?

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