BoS USA 2023 Schedule

With less than 30 days to go till BoS USA 2023, let’s take a look at the line up and when you can expect to see them on stage!

Sunday 1 October

The Quiet Light team are inviting you to join them searching high and low in a race against time to unlock the treasure chest and win the mystery prize. It all begins at the Sir Walter Raleigh statue where, after an initial welcome, introductions, and safety briefing, your guide will set the stage for your treasure hunt experience!

Monday 2 October

Mayor Baldwin

Mayor Baldwin will welcome Business of Software Conference to Raleigh on behalf of the city.

Jason Cohen

Jason Cohen will share his deep knowledge born out of building his own highly successful bootstrapped and venture funded businesses and advising hundreds of others, to show how you can build a practical strategy that is right for you.

Randeep Sidhu

Randeep Sidhu will share the story of building the NHS Covid-19 app along with some of the tools, techniques, and processes that he employed to make this app succeed in some of the highest pressure circumstances he’s ever worked in.

Suresh Menon

Suresh will explain how mature businesses approach acquisitions as part of a growth strategy, usually as an alternative to building capability in house. He’ll discuss how an acquirer evaluates their options and approach a deal.

Bob Moesta

Bob Moesta will show why the Jobs (JTBD) framework can change your company’s thinking and explain how you can use JTBD in practice in your organization He will also explain why working with Autobooks on their JTBD inspired business transformation.

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Tuesday 3 October

April Dunford

April will discuss why she thinks determining your differentiated value and making it real for customers are the two fundamental questions that help you build an effective sales story. She’ll share terrible and terrific examples that reveal why most sales pitches get it wrong.

Chris Mele

Chris will share practical approaches to pricing and monetization that you can use that will allow you to optimize your revenue, profit and long-term growth.

Jamie Woolf

Jamie Woolf will help you explore what stories convey, how people receive stories, and what people do with the stories we tell them. You will gain a powerful insight into how to craft better stories.

Dr Chris Bell

Dr Chris Bell will help you explore what stories convey, how people receive stories, and what people do with the stories we tell them. You will gain a powerful insight into how to craft better stories.

Chris Spiek

Chris will explain how his background working with Bob Moesta and Jobs to be Done alongside his experience using the Shape Up methodology were instrumental in his drive to get Autobooks focused on delivering the outcomes customer wanted.

Justin Dickow

A case study like no other. In this series of sessions at BoS Conference USA 2023 we’ll deep dive into how Autobooks retooled their business and ask the question, “What Happens if Product, Sales & Marketing Work Together?” By focussing everything they did on the needs of their customers and helping them grow, they also grew faster, made their lives easier and changed the way they think about collaboration across the company.

Kyle Bazzy

Kyle will share how embracing a different approach to selling, more aligned with the work across the business, drove a significant change in sales. He’ll discuss why and how he changed the entire compensation plan, stopped his sales team arguing about new feature requests, allowed his sales team to refuse demos and more.

Derik Sutton

Derik will describe how Autobooks applied JTBD thinking, initially to their SMB customers but quickly realized the same concepts worked for the banking space. Derik will show how embracing this new approach was a game changer for Autobooks and how, having developed a shared language with their customers, their positioning, messaging and almost all of their marketing activity changed.

Bill Spruil

A chance to ask your questions and dig deeper into some of the issues surfaced in the talks. Bill has a strong background in Fintech, having co-founded Global Data Consortium which he sold to London Stock Exchange in 2022.

Wednesday 4 October

Claire Lew

Claire Lew will share a framework she’s developed over a decade working with over 30,000 people that will enable you to consider and prioritize the actions you can take in a resource-constrained environment that get the most results.

Lauren Kelley

Lauren will explain why you need to know your ‘magic number’ and the value of the ‘Rule of 40’ before opening a discussion on what metrics you could consider when building your performance dashboard.

Greg Baugues

Greg will share his thoughts on why AI has huge potential to augment human activity, think Iron Man Suits, Not Terminators. He will also show you, with live and interactive demonstrations, some of the ways you can use existing AI tools to improve your work life

(Subject to change)

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