Chris Spiek & Justin Dickow: How Autobooks Reinvented Itself

A case study like no other. In this series of sessions at BoS Conference USA 2023 we’ll deep dive into how Autobooks retooled their business and ask the question, “What Happens if Product, Sales & Marketing Work Together?

By focussing everything they did on the needs of their customers and helping them grow, they also grew faster, made their lives easier and changed the way they think about collaboration across the company.

More on the Autobooks case study sessions.

Part One

Chris will explain how his background working with Bob Moesta and Jobs to be Done alongside his experience using the Shape Up methodology were instrumental in his drive to get Autobooks focused on delivering the outcomes customer wanted. How did Chris, who didn’t have FinTech experience or the language of the industry even start? You’ll hear the steps he took over his first 45 days to interview partners, customers and execs to build a JTBD timeline, identified the four forces and applied what he learned to improving small business user adoption. What were the results? How did he get other people to buy into the process? What were the hiccups on the journey from launching a customer a month to launching 1500 a years later? Chris and Justin will describe the lightbulb moment with Derik and Kyle picking up on the success of this approach to SMBs, proposed that they applied the same concepts and the timeline to the banking space. If the timeline works for a small business owner, why doesn’t it work for somebody making the decision to buy Autobooks at a bank?

Part Two | Part Three

Chris Spiek

Chris Spiek

VP Product, Autobooks

Chris Spiek started at Autobooks in 2018 and is currently Chief Product Officer, leading the engineering, product, and design teams. He has been instrumental in shaping and executing the strategies they have adopted to delight small business owners and banks alike.Prior to Autobooks he was Head of Product at Auth0 and spent over a decade working with Bob Moesta to develop and popularize Jobs-to-be-Done as co-founder at The Re-Wired Group.

As a product strategy consultant he has collaborated with renowned companies including Basecamp, Facebook, Intercom and Dropbox. He spoke at BoS 2013 with Bob where they did a live Switch Interview.

You can see all his talks here

Justin Dickow

VP of Engineering, Autobooks

Since joining Autobooks in 2021, Justin has led a successful transformation of the company’s product and engineering practices by connecting the teams on customer and business outcomes. Before Autobooks, Justin was Head of Engineering at Tweddle Group, where his team pioneered a content development, management and delivery platform utilized by millions of car owners and technicians worldwide.

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