Suresh Menon: Dancing with Elephants

Attention from a big corporation can often feel like dancing with an elephant, it’s fun but you could get squashed!

Suresh explains how mature businesses approach acquisitions as part of a growth strategy, usually as an alternative to building capability in-house. He discusses how an acquirer evaluates their options and approach a deal. Most important, talks about making an acquisition work in the long term – for the acquirer and acquired team.

This talk is useful if you’re considering partnering or pursuing an acquisition, as a buyer or seller. You’ll get a clear understanding of the challenges of making an acquisition work from both sides of the table. How do you make an informed decision, work through the process and beyond? He also shares some of the red flags buyers and sellers need to pay attention to that will inevitably end with someone being squashed.


Suresh Menon

SVP and GM Software Solutions, Zebra Technologies

Suresh is responsible for strategy, development, & management of Zebra’s Software Solutions, a portfolio of AI-powered workforce management, task execution, communication solutions, prescriptive analytics & self-directed inventory management.

Before joining Zebra in 2020 he served as Senior VP & GM of Informatica’s Master Data Management and 360 Solutions business unit. There he led the transformation from an on-premise, perpetual licensed business to a high growth, cloud native SaaS business.

Earlier in his career, he was Director of Product Management at Search Software America & Identity Systems before & after their acquisition by Nokia.

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