Kyle Bazzy: Rethinking Sales From the Demand Side at Autobooks

A case study like no other. In this series of sessions at BoS Conference USA 2023 we’ll deep dive into how Autobooks retooled their business and ask the question, β€œWhat Happens if Product, Sales & Marketing Work Together?”

By focussing everything they did on the needs of their customers and helping them grow, they also grew faster, made their lives easier and changed the way they think about collaboration across the company.

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Part Three

Kyle joined Autobooks as VP Sales. He knew that orgs run in their own silos and make decisions based off their own metrics. His sales operation was no different. He knew from experience that different metrics across the org would only be exacerbated as Autobooks scaled. He welcomed the idea of a radical new approach. It’s simpler if design is architected in a way that enables the company as it grows.

What if Autobooks rethought its sales processes in line with the wider changes on the organisation and focused on the end result for the customer?

Kyle shares how embracing a different approach to selling, more aligned with the work across the business, drove a significant change in sales. He discusses why and how he changed the entire compensation plan, stopped his sales team arguing about new feature requests, allowed his sales team to refuse demos and more.

Of course, you will get some hard numbers – including how sales cycle time, deal value, close rates and all the stuff that sales people like to talk about, were impacted.

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Kyle Bazzy
Kyle Bazzy

Kyle Bazzy

VP Sales, VP Customer Success, Autobooks

Kyle started at Autobooks in 2019 as VP Sales and is now VP Customer Success. He leads sales and focuses on how Autobooks can make their customers successful, the strategy at the heart of their growth. He geeks out over the challenges faced by small businesses and financial institutions.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Michigan where he split his time between studying, playing volleyball and hanging out with startup entrepreneurs. Post degree, alongside his burgeoning career, he found time to work with startups and accelerators including Tech Stars and co-founded Detroit Startup Week.

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