Derik Sutton: Bridging the Gap Between Product, Marketing & Sales at Autobooks

A case study like no other. In this series of sessions at BoS Conference USA 2023 we’ll deep dive into how Autobooks retooled their business and ask the question, “What Happens if Product, Sales & Marketing Work Together?

By focussing everything they did on the needs of their customers and helping them grow, they also grew faster, made their lives easier and changed the way they think about collaboration across the company.

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Part Two

Derik will describe how Autobooks applied JTBD thinking, initially to their SMB customers but quickly realized the same concepts worked for the banking space. Derik will show how embracing this new approach was a game changer for Autobooks and how, having developed a shared language with their customers, their positioning, messaging and almost all of their marketing activity changed.

He will explain how having a clear idea of where people were in the buying process – passive looking or active looking – was one of the critical elements of unlocking the barrier between sales and marketing.

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Derik Sutton
Derik Sutton

Derik Sutton

CMO, Autobooks

Derik Sutton is a product and marketing executive with a track record of helping to build, market and sell products in the financial industry. He joined Autobooks in 2018 as the VP of Product and Experience, and has since taken on the role of Chief Marketing Officer.

During his career, Derik has helped bring two digital banking platforms to market that are now leveraged by over 1,000 financial institutions.  He founded Become Labs, a product and design company that focused on fintech companies and financial institutions. During his time there, Derik helped companies launch new brands and digital products, consulted with financial institutions on their digital strategy, and helped financial institutions build new custom online and mobile banking experiences.

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