Jason Cohen: Building your Permanent Defensible Strategy

Mach 2: How anyone can build a permanent, defensible strategy. You’re not inventing a new $100B industry, but you do need a practical strategy.

You’re disillusioned with silly academic frameworks like SWOT, but you do need a process that creates a solid strategy for real products. You want a strategy that everyone in the company can participate in, that embraces your agile, even gut-feel approach to building products and delighting customers. You don’t want to replace the magic you already have, but you do want to hone and direct that energy to create something truly unique, that even well-funded incumbents cannot defeat.

Jason will share his deep knowledge born out of building his own highly successful bootstrapped and venture funded businesses and advising hundreds of others, to show how you can build a practical strategy that is right for you.

Jason Cohen

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, WP Engine

With over 27 years of experience in business and software development, Jason is the founder of WP Engine where he’s been CEO, Head of Engineering, Head of Product and CTO. Now Chief Innovation Officer, he focuses on the intersection of corporate and technology strategies. Jason is a serial entrepreneur, having built four technology startups to more than $1 million in annual revenue. He is a founding member and mentor at Capital Factory, and was previously a founder of Smart Bear and IT WatchDogs.

Jason is a regular attendee at BoS Conference since it started and has given some of the most insightful, compelling and practical talks over this time that you can see here.

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