Breakout Sessions at BoS Europe 2023

Give you the chance to get up close and personal. You’ll spend time in small groups talking to speakers and other experts. You’ll meet new people with common interests and share your questions with people that can help. You get to choose two sessions so don’t panic at the choice.

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How Companies Get Successful Exits: David Newell

In this session, you will learn how you can prepare your company for the time when you come to exit. It might not be this year, but the most successful exits come when your company has done the groundwork to prepare. You will be able to ask your questions and understand what you can do to set yourself up for growth and eventually, a great outcome.

Going Global, What You Need to Know: Alex Baulf

As your business grows, you start to encounter unexpected issues as you sell into new territories. In this breakout you’ll hear how other organisations have met some of the challenges of establishing new products and services in new territories. You’ll be able to share your questions about your approach to scaling beyond borders.

Managing Dev Teams: Nitin Patel

In this breakout, you will learn how to manage your dev teams more effectively. Nitin will share some of the biggest mistakes people make running dev teams and how you can avoid them. Nitin has experience on both sides of the table, delivering successful in-house projects and external contractors and has deep experience of what works. In the discussion, you will be able to share your experiences and challenges, understand what made them successful and what you could do to avoid mistakes.

Managing Team Conflict: Gareth Marlow, EQ Systems

Conflict, disharmony and misalignment in your team, particularly as you evolve and grow, is a block to your business. Gareth will listen and encourage participants to share their issues and help others in the group find support to overcome the tricky problems we all face leading our businesses in good times and bad.

Sally Foote, Carwow

Follow up with Sally after her talk to dig deeper into her ideas and your questions about product vision and leadership.

Rich Mironov

Rich is a product guru and he’s saving his talk content for Tuesday but he is an expert on product management and loves to talk about pricing so come and throw him your trickiest questions. He’s heard many of them before and usually has a great answer.

Ryan Singer, Felt Presence

Chance for an extended Q&A with Ryan after his talk where you can get stuck into the challenges you think you will have when you start to put what he’s been talking about into practice.

Valentina Thorner, Klaus

Valentina’s talking Tuesday but she’s an experienced head of remote working and spent a lot of time thinking about how to make remote and hybrid work effective so this is a chance to ask her for advice about why your hybrid workplace is such a struggle.

Bob Moesta, Re-Wired Group

Bob speaks after the breakouts on JTBD and how you can shape your product organisation but he loves hearing about other people’s experiences with JTBD so if you are already using the framework, take some time to teach him how you are using it. He’s also running a one-day workshop on Wednesday.

Matt Lerner, Nopadon Wongpakdee

Pick up on Matt’s morning talk and spend time with the founder’s of StartupCoreStrengths who will answer your questions about growth and how to achieve it.

You may even be tempted to volunteer yourself for Nopadon’s on stage website teardown on Tuesday.

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