The Road to Exit: A BoS Mastermind Group

You’ve read the gushing exit stories, but what is it really like to sell your business?

What do you need to do and what are the traps to avoid? Join us for honest, frank conversations with founders on the same path as you and partake in Q&As with exited founders who share the real experience.

Exit from a position of power

Very few people on the planet have done what you have done; build a successful business, a successful team, and create something that is truly unique.

Your plan is to exit. With a sale is on the horizon how do you prepare the team, the business, and – most importantly of all – yourself so you can thrive before, during, and after this momentous event?

You’re probably asking yourself:

  • How do you maximise the price for the exit?
  • Is the chase better than the catch?
  • What don’t you know? 

Starts on June 2024

We’re bringing together a unique group of founders all facing the same challenges, dealing with the same issues, and focused on the same goal. Selling and exiting your business is a life changing event. There are books and blog posts that talk about the mechanics of it, often writing after the dust has settled, yet the experience is unique for each and every founder and business. 

In this Mastermind group, we will meet monthly to face these challenges together, sharing insights, and helping each other. Most importantly of all, we’ll be supporting one another to create the most value we can.

You will be among founders who expect to exit their companies within a six month to three year time frame. We want to help you exit your business from a position of power.

The earlier you start thinking about exits, the better the outcome. If you think this might be for you, or would like to know more, get in touch.

We want to be absolutely sure that we have the right people in the group so if you are interested, let’s understand a little bit about you and what we have in store.
No obligation, completely in confidence.

What will we cover?

Over seven sessions, plus some one-to-ones, you will look at:

  • The Valuation
  • The Right Time to Sell
  • Strategic vs Open market sale
  • Finding a Buyer, Preparing the Business
  • Preparing your Team
  • Preparing Yourself
  • The Sale Process
  • Due Diligence
  • Surprises/The Unknown Unknowns
  • Tie-ins and Earn Outs
  • Most important of all – life on the other side of the exit.  


  • One-to-one introduction where you meet our facilitator Mr Joe and we talk through your challenges and if the program is right for you. 
  • Monthly online 2 hour sessions with up to a maximum 10 other founders
  • Conversations each session with a founder who has exited, subject matter experts, or BoS speakers followed by Q&A and facilitated group discussion.
  • You will also be able to book a 90 minute one-to-one deep dive session with Joe over the course of the program.
  • Full access to a central library of information with learning material for specific topics. 

Facilitated by Mr Joe

Mr Joe Leech Transitions

Joe is a trusted adviser and coach to CEOs & Founders of start-ups, high growth tech & Fortune / FTSE 100 companies.

A recovering neuroscientist, then a spell as an elementary school teacher, from UX research, to design, to product management then to product and business strategy as well as founding his own SaaS start-up. Joe brings 16 years in tech, $20b in revenue, experience with 30+ startups & FTSE / Fortune 100 giants. 

Mr Joe on LinkedIn /

Next Steps

The earlier you start thinking about exits, the better the outcome.

We’ll arrange a one-to-one introduction where you meet our facilitator Mr Joe and we talk through your challenges and if the program is right for you

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