Breakout: Satva Softech- Managing Dev Teams

In this breakout, you will learn how to manage your dev teams more effectively. Nitin will share some of the biggest mistakes people make running dev teams and how you can avoid them. Nitin has experience on both sides of the table, delivering successful in-house projects and external contractors and has deep experience of what works. In the discussion, you will be able to share your experiences and challenges, understand what made them successful and what you could do to avoid mistakes.

Nitin Patel

CEO, Satva Softech

Nitin founded Satva Softech in 2016 after spending a decade leading software development projects in industry. Nitin recognised the significance of having a project manager-led team for maximising team collaboration and maximising developers’ skills and experience. 

Over time, his team has expanded to over 180 coders with offices in London, India, and more recently, the USA. His primary objective is to provide software solutions for businesses, whether small web-portals or complex financial systems, that users enjoy using.

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