Breakout: Gareth Marlow- Managing Team Conflict

Come and share some of the challenges you face with fellow entrepreneurs and a brilliant facilitator in a welcoming, safe, and helpful environment.

Conflict, disharmony and misalignment in your team, particularly as you evolve and grow, is a block to your business. Gareth will listen and encourage participants to share their issues and help others in the group find support to overcome the tricky problems we all face leading our businesses in good times and bad.

You’ll be encouraged to uncover root causes of conflict and how to fix them.

Gareth Marlow

Gareth has worked in Cambridge tech companies for 25 years. As COO of Red Gate he launched and scaled products, grew revenue and headcount, and developed (and occasionally fired) scores of people.

He’s worked on acquiring, integrating and divesting companies and at one time or another managed every part of the business – from HR to sales, product development to marketing, finance to IT. He’s been a BoS attendee for more than a decade and spoke on building trust in your team. He’s now an executive coach and works with tech leaders to help them scale their businesses.

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