Breakout: Quiet Light – How Companies Achieve Successful Exits

In this discussion session, you will learn how you can prepare your company for the time when you come to exit. It might not be this year, but the most successful exits come when your company has done the groundwork to prepare. David will share the critical things that your company should do well in advance: from your processes; employee, customer and partner contracts; your business operations; key relationships; financials; all need to be documented. Having to do this while in acquisition talks is both a huge distraction and will inevitably increase the time it takes to complete a deal. The good news is that this information is also essential for the running of a successful company so starting early will reap rewards. You will be able to ask your questions and understand what you can do to set yourself up for growth and eventually, a great outcome.

David Newell

M&A Advisor, Quiet Light

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