Autobooks Case Study: What Happens if Product, Sales & Marketing Work Together?

A case study like no other.

In this series of sessions at BoS Conference USA 2023 we’ll deep dive into how Autobooks retooled their business and ask the question, “What Happens if Product, Sales & Marketing Work Together?

By focussing everything they did on the needs of their customers and helping them grow, they also grew faster, made their lives easier and changed the way they think about collaboration across the company.

Autobooks: The Background

Back in 2018, Autobooks was an 18 month old startup with a team of 35 running as fast as they could in many directions. They were starting to get obvious traction, primarily in the banking community where they could deliver on the challenge of servicing SMBs efficiently and effectively. Autobooks’s co-founders had built and exited a previous business successfully but their new startup needed to move faster.

The Autobooks Team

Chris Spiek (Product), Derik Sutton (Marketing) and Kyle Bazzy (Sales) joined the company at a time when they knew they had to build scalable processes in order to grow rapidly and sustainably. They came from different companies with different ways of working and often felt sales, product and marketing were on at least three different pages. They had similar mindsets and philosophies about Go To Market and wanted to build the system that they all wanted other companies to be.

This is the story of how they decided that by working together, they would have more purpose, work more effectively, but most importantly, they would deliver big for the entity that matters most – the end user. That’s where the magic lies…

The Autobooks Sessions

In these sessions we’re going to talk about product engineering, demand side sales, Jobs to be Done (JTBD), the sales and marketing interface in the company as it adopted a radical and new approach to the way the business operated.

We’ll look at how their software was built and sold before they adopted Shape Up and JTBD thinking across the entire business.

We’ll look at the challenges each part of the organisation faced as they adopted new ideas and strove to work more collaboratively.

Don’t expect it all to be a bed of roses. There were plenty of challenges along the way.

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