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These splendid souls are already confirmed

Paul Kenny

Founder, Ocean Learning

Paul Kenny is a Sales Coach working with media and technology customers across Europe and the US.

Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni

Founder and CEO, Balsamiq

Peldi’s plan was this: To move to the US, to squeeze as much knowledge as possible from “big corporate America”, then come back and start something of his own in Italy.

Patrick McKenzie

Founder, Kalzumeus Software

Once upon a time, Patrick McKenzie was an engineer. Then he had an idea for some software and discovered that, while programming it was easy, marketing it was not.

David Heinemeier Hansson

Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder of Basecamp

David created Ruby on Rails, the open source web framework in 2003. That would pretty much define most careers but he is also founder & CTO at Basecamp.

Jeff Szczepanski

COO, Stack Exchange - Stack Overflow

Jeff is the Chief Operating Officer at Stack Exchange where he is responsible for running the business behind Stack Exchange’s network of Q&A communities, including Stack Overflow.

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