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Natalie Nagele

CEO, co-Founder, Wildbit

Natalie Nagele joined Wildbit in 2004 and, as CEO, focuses on direction, culture, and team happiness at Wildbit.

Seth Godin


Seth Godin writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.

Dr Sherry Walling

Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California

Dr. Sherry Walling is a licensed psychologist and the co-host of the ZenFounder podcast. She helps high-performing professionals maximize their potential while also maintaining life satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Scott Berkun

Author, The Dance of the Possible

Scott Berkun, is a bestselling author on the topics of philosophy, culture and business.

Joanna Wiebe

Copywriter, Copy Hackers

The original conversion copywriter, Joanna is the founder of Copy Hackers and cofounder of Airstory, the work-writing platform.

Jason Cohen

Founder CTO, WP Engine

Jason has built four software startups, both bootstrapped and funded, both alone and with co-founders. All of them grew to more than $1m annual revenue.

Joshua Seiden

Author, Sense and Respond

Josh Seiden is a designer, author, coach, and product leader with deep experience creating digital products and services within product businesses, consultancies and now on his own.