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Seth Godin


Seth’s been in the software business for 33 years: at BoS USA 2017, he shares lessons learned during that time.

Professor Rita Gunther McGrath

Professor, Columbia Business School

Rita Gunther McGrath is a globally recognized expert on strategy, innovation, and growth with an emphasis on corporate entrepreneurship.

Bridget Harris

CEO Founder, YouCanBookMe

Bridget is co-founder and CEO of YouCanBookMe – her third career.

Michael McDerment

Founder CEO, Freshbooks

In 2003, Mike was self employed and accidentally saved over an invoice. This made him cross. Fast forward 14 years… Mike is the co-founder and CEO of FreshBooks, accounting software for self-employed professionals.

Chris Savage

CEO & Co-Founder, Wistia

Chris Savage is CEO & co-founder of Wistia, the best video hosting platform we know. (BoS opinion, not Press Release).

Anil Dash

CEO, Fog Creek

Anil Dash is an entrepreneur, activist and writer recognized as one of the most prominent voices advocating for a more humane, inclusive and ethical technology industry.

Workshop Leader: Chris Lavigne

Video Producer, Wistia

Chris Lavigne heads up the video team at Wistia. He has dubbed the lighting technique, “lighting on the fly” and has proven that it’s not so much about the camera as it is the concept and basic techniques

Joshua Seiden

Author, Sense and Respond

Josh Seiden is a designer, author, coach, and product leader with deep experience creating digital products and services within product businesses, consultancies and now on his own.

Paul Kenny

Founder, Ocean Learning

Paul Kenny is one of the few people who have spoken at Business of Software Conference in the USA or Europe in every year since it started. W

Natalie Nagele

CEO, co-Founder, Wildbit

Hear Natalie talk at BoS USA 2017 on “Keeping the Fun in Your Business Life”.

Dr Sherry Walling

Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California

Ever wondered how you and your team could get more done? Sherry shares tips in “How to Stay at the Top of Your Game Without Burning Out, Becoming Boring or Needing to Live in Your Mom’s Basement.”

Scott Berkun

Author, The Dance of the Possible

“The Dance of the Possible”: Scott Berkun shares a 3 step process to solve problems in your business at BoS USA 2017.

Joanna Wiebe

Copywriter, Copy Hackers

Old School Copywriting for New School Bizzes: the Copy Hacker founder delivers marketing ideas that “normal people” can use.

Jason Cohen

Founder CTO, WP Engine

Hear how to be “Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” by creating a healthier business through a healthier mind in Jason’s talk at BoS USA this September.

Michael Sikorsky

CEO & Co-Founder, Robots and Pencils

Michael launched Robots and Pencils in 2009 with the then-contrarian view that mobile would be more transformative than the Internet.

David Barrett

CEO Founder, Expensify

David Barrett is the founder of Expensify and all around alpha geek.

Workshop: Bruce McCarthy

CEO, Up Up Labs

Bruce is CEO of UpUp Labs & President of Boston Product Management Association. He helps organizations improve the ROI of their product development. He spends most of his waking hours thinking about product roadmapping, prioritization, team effectiveness and leadership.

Workshop: Dave Collins

Founder, Software Promotions

Dave is the founder of Software Promotions, and has been helping businesses to get more visitors from Google since 1997. In that time Dave has worked with over 500 clients in 47 different countries, many of who rely entirely on web traffic for their revenues.

Workshop: Kirsten Butzow

Product Coach, Pragmatic Marketing

Kirsten has 20 years experience of product management and marketing with leading Global 500 companies including Pearson and Fujitsu.

Workshop: Bernhard Ferro

Senior Service & Interaction Designer, Tieto

Bernhard has designed service and product experiences for brands in industry, media, insurances and gaming for 18 years. His mission is to help organizations to create services with value for people by design.

Workshop: Sean McGuire

Senior Business Consultant & UX Designer, Tieto

Originally trained as musician (composition, classical piano) Sean has 15 patents to his name and has worked as free-lance game inventor, with games published by Ravensburger Germany and Parker Brothers US.

Workshop: ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni

Founder and CEO, Balsamiq

Peldi is a programmer turned entrepreneur. He founded and runs Balsamiq, an 25-person, bootstrapped, geographically dispersed, independent software company that’s been growing organically since 2008.

LT: Brennan Dunn

Founder CEO, RightMessage

Brennan Dunn is the founder of Double Your Freelancing and helps teach over 40,000 freelancers and agencies how to earn more money and work with better clients.

LT: Lianna Patch

Copy Director, SNAP Copy

Lianna Patch is a conversion copywriter and comedian whose greatest dream is to make your customers pause, smile, and click (in that order).