Dr Eleanor Gunn

Dr Eleanor Gunn
Dr Eleanor Gunn

Eleanor studied psychology as an undergraduate, partly in an attempt to make sense of herself and the world around her. It was an obvious step then to take a first job in PR for an insurance company upon graduation, but this role did not satisfy her desire to connect and work with people in a capacity that would lead to meaningful change. Following her doctoral training, she continued to work in the NHS in various roles alongside starting independent practice, developing specialist interests in perinatal mental health, trauma, ADHD, psychodynmaic therpaies and organisational functioning. 

She started working with Emotionally Connected following the pandemic, where she now collaborates with Dr Suzanne Brown, with the company focusing on emotional fitness, to help individuals, companies and organisations including Tyler Grange, Cognizant, Game Logic, Abbott, Sunderland FC, Arsenal FC, the RFU and other high-performing organisations.

Talks by Dr Eleanor Gunn

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying & What You Can Do NowMarch 2024

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