Brennan Dunn

Brennan Dunn

Brennan Dunn is an email and personalisation geek. For the last few years he’s focused on delivering on the promise that just about every marketing company makes: sending the right message, to the right people, at exactly the right time.

He’s the co-founder of RightMessage, a software company that helps creators better grow and learn about their audience, and recently founded Create & Sell, where he provides weekly intermediate/advanced growth ideas to creators.

He started and exited successfully from We Are Titans – web agency, Planscope – SaaS, and DoubleYourFreelancing – a community for freelancers and agencies. Born in the US, he moved to the UK in 2020 where he likes to ride bikes and attempt to create things with wood, but what he really excels at is delivering actionable, fluff-free ideas that you can quickly and profitably put into action.


Scaling relevance to infinity and beyondApril 2022

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