Chris Mele

Chris Mele
Chris Mele

Chris and the Software Pricing Partners team help B2B software companies monetize software and services, launch new products, and implement continuous monetization processes.

A CompSci grad at Miami University, Chris’ career began at EY where his projects included working with Netscape to launch the nation’s first online banking system on the Netscape browser. Bitten by the dotcom bug, he became a director at Rare Medium focused on online strategy for early dotcom growth companies. In 2002, he co-founded CompanionCabinet, serving 12 years as CEO before joining Software Pricing Partners in 2014 where he enjoys working with some of the fastest-growing software companies in the world. Ask Chris about pricing, eFoiling and why he likes breakfast for dinner.

Talks by Chris Mele

Investors, Pricing Science, and OptionalityOctober 2023

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