Jamie Woolf

Jamie Woolf Pixar Storytelling in Business
Jamie Woolf

Jamie Woolf co-founded CreativityPartners in 2023 to work with leaders and their teams to unlock the roadblocks that waste their time and energy instead of harnessing innovation. 

Prior to CreativityPartners, Jamie was Director of Culture & Learning at Pixar Animation Studios for over ten years and even has an entry in IMDB. She’s worked with companies including Kaiser Permanente, Telecare Corporation, Levi Strauss, and the University of California to elevate organizational performance, leadership effectiveness and manage culture change efforts.

Jamie is a certified coach through CoachDiversity and holds an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She enjoys playing tennis and hiking though not simultaneously.

Talks by Jamie Woolf

Using Stories to Inspire and Drive ChangeOctober 2023

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