Randeep Sidhu

Randeep is a Healthcare and AI specialist, most recently CPO for Reliance Health in Lagos, Nigeria, focused on creating healthcare for marginalised communities across Nigeria, Egypt and other Emerging Markets.

Randeep joined the NHS frontline to build and run the NHS COVID-19 app, which was proven to have saved over 10,000 lives and halved the number of Covid cases in hospital, while pioneering specific research to include the needs of LGBTQ+, refugees and PoC communities.

Previously, he’s advised The Alan Turing Institute – the UK’s National Institute for AI – in removing AI bias across healthcare and policing, been Product Director at Babylon Health, where he rolled out AI enabled healthcare to patients across markets like UK, USA and Rwanda. He is currently a board member at Terrence Higgins Trust – a sexual health and HIV charity, and LVNDR Health – an LGBTQ+ health care startup.

Talks by Randeep Sidhu

Will the Product You Build Kill Someone?October 2023

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