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16th-18th September 2019 // World Trade Center, Boston MA

Day 0 – Sunday 15th September

1900 – Pre-Conference Drinks & Registration

Hit the ground running and start your networking before the Conference begins. Avoid the queues by registering early and join us for nibbles and drinks in the World Trade Center to celebrate the opening of the Conference.

Day 1 – Monday 16th September

0730 – Registration & Breakfast

Full breakfast providedin the World Trade Center.

Alex Osterwalder

You’ll learn: how to manage and improve the businesses and products you already have, understand how much profit existing business models generate and point out any synergies/conflicts between your models.

1000 – Break

Grab a coffee and spend some time networking with other software leaders.

April Dunford

You’ll learn: a process to ensure your product is positioned in a way that customers easily spot its strengths.

Thompson Aderinkomi

You’ll learn: how to ask the questions that are right for you and how to grow a successful business with a better attitude.

1230 – Lunch with Birds of a Feather Tables

Grab your lunch from the provided buffet and head to one of our ‘Birds of a Feather’ tables – tables themed around specific discussion topics. Want to meet other people doing Remote Working and chat about how they manage people in different states? Check. Want to meet other people building scalable sales teams? Check. ‘I don’t want to talk about work’ tables also provided, along with lunch. This year you can also join tables run by the experts at Accelerance.

Whitney O'Banner

You’ll learn: why you should abandon the dated, flawed approach to setting OKRs and enable organizational alignment in an exciting new way, suitable for 2019 and beyond.

1500 – Break

A chance to re-fuel and discuss the talks of the conference so far with other attendees.

1 1530 Unconference-01

Gather with other attendees to discuss topics voted upon by you, the attendees, in true unconference style.

Matt Wensing

You’ll learn: how startups can test the underlying physics of their business model, and how these findings could lead to innovations in early-stage startup financing.

1800 – Networking Drinks & Dinner

An evening of relaxed networking with dinner. See if you can find one of the speakers – they’ll be around too!

Day 2 – Tuesday 17th September

0800 – Breakfast

Full breakfast providedin the World Trade Center.

Teresa Torres

You’ll learn: how your role changes and your team performs better when you manage by outcomes.

1000 – Break

Grab a coffee and spend some time networking with other smart software people.

Patrick Campbell

You’ll learn: essential frameworks to help you handle problems in the proper context while also teaching some operational takeaways to keep you ahead of the increasingly competitive landscape.

Adaora Asala

You’ll learn: how to ask the right questions when thinking about AI.

1230 – Lunch with Birds of a Feather Tables

Another opportunity to discuss a problem you’re facing with someone who’s already tackled it. Share your wisdom with someone struggling with something you’ve faced. Don’t forget to chat with the experts at Accelerance.

Steli Efti

You’ll learn: the common lies founders tell themselves, how to realize you’re telling yourself these lies and how to prevent telling lies to both yourself and other people.

Sunish Gupta

You’ll learn: how to achieve a competitive edge by offering an inclusive user experience.

1530 – Break

A chance to re-fuel and discuss the talks of the conference so far with other attendees.

Eric & Brian Dosal

You’ll learn: why even with a great culture, a great team, a great everything, it could still be a good idea to sell, and why after selling, it’s okay to take a break and/or start a new project.

Andy Ellis CSO Akamai

You’ll learn: how risk choices that appear unreasonable from the outside may not be; to identify the hidden factors in someone’s risk choice that most influence it; find out how to help guide people to risk choices that you find more favorable.

1800 – Self-Organized Networking Dinners

Gather a group of your fellow attendees and head out for dinner in Boston.

Day 3 – Wednesday 18th September

0800 – Breakfast

Full breakfast providedin the World Trade Center.

Cesar Kuriyama

You’ll learn: how 1SecondEveryday makes remote working work, why the business had to change as it grew up and what one founder discovered about the ever-growing number of alternative sources of funding available to software entrepreneurs.

1000 – Break

Last chance to grab a coffee together.

Rahul Vohra

You’ll learn: why Superhuman onboardings work — and what you can do to take a similar approach yourself.

Rita McGrath

You’ll learn: useful tools to help you stay on the right side of future markets and be prepared for upcoming inflection points.

1230 – End of Conference

Lunch-to-go provided. Head to a workshop if you’ve booked one!

1300 – Workshops

After 2.5 days of being bombarded by ideas, it’s time to step back and take stock. Workshops are 3-hours and highly interactive, drawing on the content of the conference to help you make sense of how your learning may be applied in your own organization. You will leave with an actionable ‘to do’ list of things to apply in your own company.

Make sure to book one when you register. They run simultaneously, so you can only attend one.

Claire Lew

You’ll learn: how to elicit useful, honest feedback from your team and build a culture of feedback so you can continuously improve your company processes and culture.

April Dunford

You’ll learn: how to break down a market position into component parts and ensure your positioning is based on your strengths.

Dan Martell

You’ll learn: a framework to help you define your core metrics that will fuel significant ARR growth.

Patrick Campbell

You’ll learn: the pricing mistakes you’re probably making, how to implement a value-based pricing process for your business, and how to prime yourself for growth.

Sunish Gupta


You’ll learn: how accessible UX will benefit your existing clients and their customers.

1600 – End of Workshops

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