Bob Moesta

President & CEO, The Re-Wired Group

Entrepreneur, innovator and ‘the milkshake guy’ from Clayton Christensen’s famous example of Jobs-To-Be-Done, Bob was one of the principal architects of the JTBD theory in the mid 1990s. He is back at BoS for 2018.

Bob is the President & CEO of The ReWired Group and serves as a Fellow at the Clayton Christensen Institute. He has used the insights that JTBD generates throughout his career as an entrepreneur and innovator in roles as the managing partner at Woodward Equity Partners, vice president of sales and marketing at Lombardo Homes, and, most recently, vice president and general manager at Edutronix, LLC.

At Business of Software USA 2013 Bob and fellow The Re-Wired Group Founder Chris Spiek gave a brilliant talk on how to practically use JTBD in your business – watch that talk here.

The 5 Disciplines of an Innovator

Innovation and Product development are hot topics these days, but Bob Moesta has been around creating new products for almost 30 years and has been involved in more than 3500 projects.  He has also had the pleasure of working side by side with innovators like Dr. Deming, Dr. Taguchi, Jason Fried and Prof Clayton Christensen at the Harvard Business School.  He has both a broad and deep perspective in this arena working in Software, Food, Defense, technology, education as well as Healthcare.
As companies work on new Processes, new technologies or new methods to innovate, Moesta takes a step back to get some perspective on the innovation problem and talks about what he believes are the core 5 Disciplines of an innovator, insisting that most companies are forgetting or overlooking the foundations on which innovation is built and not building competency or proficiency in these building blocks of innovation and new product development. Thus causing failure in the market, wasted resources and a stagnation of real growth.
In this talk, Bob will cover the 5 Disciplines of an Innovator and help remind both individuals and teams about the basics of being and becoming better at innovation and launching new products.