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What do our BoS fans say?

dharmesh shah

My favourite conference

Software people of the world: If you haven’t been to a Business of Software Conference, you should go. If you have already been, I don’t need to convince you. You already know.

– Dharmesh Shah, Founder

Carl Ryden

BoS is a great community

I’m not sure I could have done this* without the things I learned at BoS and from the BoS community.” *Sold PrecisionLender for $510m

– Carl Ryden, Founder/CEO

Talk nerdy to me Betsy Weber & John Knox

The best conference

I’ve attended hundreds of conferences around the world and BoS is hands down the best conference. Prepare to learn, be inspired and make life long connections.

– Betsy Weber, Regional Manager Global Community

Next Events

BoS USA 2023

BoS USA 2024 🇺🇸

23-25 Sept 2024 at Raleigh, NC

Learn how great software companies are built to help you build long-term, profitable, sustainable businesses.

The Road to Exit 🌐

Next Cohort Starts September 2024
A BoS Mastermind Group
facilitated by Mr Joe Leech

Hangout with Bob Moesta 🌐

11 July 2024 at 2pm BST
An online Q&A with the lifelong innovator and coarchitect of the JTBD theory.