Valentina Thörner: Distraction Management

AKA How to be Productive When You Have Kids (or other Distractions)

You love your work but you don’t let it define you. You may be a parent, passionate about a hobby, part of a close-knit community. There are areas of your life that are just as important as work and finding the right balance means you can fully show up for each part of your life. The challenge: it’s not easy to balance commitments to all those different parts of your life that make you who you are.

The same happens to your employees,remote/hybrid work makes this an even bigger challenge.

Valentina will share approaches to org design, culture and productivity that let you take more control of your own life and help you build a company where your teams worry less and produce more.

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25-26 March 2024 Europe (Cambridge, UK) | USA 2024 (details coming soon!)

  • Leadership
  • Strategy

Valentina Thörner

Head of Remote, Klaus

Valentina is a single mum with young children. In her career she’s worked in Europe and South America, founded startups and worked in large tech companies including Yahoo and Automattic in product, strategy, customer success and leading remote work.

Today, she splits her time between her role as Head of Remote at Klaus and training remote (and hybrid) people managers to discover the leadership style that works for them and help design remote and hybrid policies to make those leaders thrive.

Check out our upcoming events

25-26 March 2024 Europe (Cambridge, UK) | USA 2024 (details coming soon!)

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