Lessons in Scaling a Non-Profit Data Brokerage Startup at Breakneck Speed – Patrick McKenzie

patrick mckenzie
Patrick McKenzie @Patio11

Patrick McKenzie, Content & Community, Stripe with Bridget Harris, CEO Founder, YouCanBookMe

Patrick (@Patio11 on the internet), will discuss how a tweet on January 14 this year led to a talented but disparate group of technologists getting together on Discord to start hacking on a ‘weekend project’.

Within 12 hours, data was being shared with the public and on the same day, vaccine seekers had found locations and booked appointments for vaccinations.

The weekend project ended up becoming the de facto national vaccine availability database for the U.S.

Ultimately, by the time the website was shut down at the beginning of August, it had made a significant impact on the people it served.

Patrick will talk with Bridget Harris, CEO Founder, YouCanBookMe, about how the project started, was organized, iterated and evolved at a pace that would make a Tesla blush.

From phoning pharmacies to working with consumers, private sector and government agencies alike to build the best public data set of vaccine availability in the US in less than 3 months – the pace and evolution was startling.

How was it run?

What lessons has he taken away about how technology can make a dent in the universe?

About Patrick McKenzie

Patrick has built four software companies (including two which sold SaaS). He now works on content and community at Stripe Atlas and helps startups grow faster.

His first public talk was a Lightning Talk at Business of Software Conference USA in 2010, the phenomenal, ‘Hello Ladies!‘.

He’s also spoken about hiring at scale and engineering your marketing outcomes.