Patrick McKenzie

patrick mckenzie
Patrick McKenzie

Once upon a time, Patrick McKenzie was an engineer. Then he had an idea for some software and discovered that, while programming it was easy, marketing it was not.

Since then, he has graduated to full time entrepreneur status, with a side order of being hilarious and informative in equal measures on his blog Kalzumeus.

Founder of Bingo Card Creator and Appointment Reminder, Patrick has published detailed (and very readable) analysis of what it takes to run an effective SaaS business for eight years. Patrick is now dedicating his time to ‘Starfighter’ – a recruitment game changer in the technology sector, focussed on coders.

Patrick is also a previous BoS Speaker, having delivered the hilarious but deeply interesting ‘Marketing to Minorities’.

Talks by Patrick McKenzie

Hiring at ScaleSeptember 2015
Building Things to Help You Sell The Things You BuildSeptember 2013
Engineering your marketing outcomesSeptember 2011
Marketing to MinoritiesSeptember 2009

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